Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Gifts

We opened a few more presents from Mom when we were visiting. :)

Here's Matt acting silly throwing tissue paper all over the place!

Matt received two fun plaid shirts from Mom and He LOVES THEM! He also got Christmas pajamas and slippers. 

I also got Christmas pajamas and a fun Christmas cooking and decorating book

I also got a HOBO WALLET!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I had wanted one for a while and Mom was sneaky and ordered one for me! 

I also got a few shirts from Cato. I wore the sweater on the right for Christmas Eve. 

Here is one of the presents we gave Mom. 

We didn't get any pictures of all of us opening presents with Matt's family but Matt's parents gave us several gift cards to various restaurants and we love it because it will allow us to have dates throughout the year. Matt's sister and her family gave us some super cute ornaments that they made and I got a signed copy of "The Bridge" by Karen Kingsbury. Dad and Susan gave us fishing gear which we cannot wait to us! We got a few miscellaneous fun things as well BUT 

The best part was being able to be with family and enjoy a few moments together. 

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