Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas with Mom

When we made our trip "Down South", we spent time with my mom as well as my mom's brother and his family, my cousin and her son. It was so much fun and here are a few pictures of us all together!! 

Here's Silas...The little ham! He is my older cousin, Bonnie's, son. He is now calling us Uncle Matt and Aunt Leslie. 

Silas and Mommy

Uncle Jay and Donna Faye...The Newlyweds 

Alex and Lauren

The Whole Bunch. First time that we have all been together in a long time! 

The Siblings...Jay and Jan (My uncle and my Mom) 

The Cousins

Mom and Me

Aunt Leslie and Silas

Crazy Kids

We got Silas the Lorax as his gift and he was thrilled. 

The Morgans :)

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