Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Be Rich {A Book Review}

I received this book, How To Be Rich,  to review from BookLook Bloggers


How to be Rich by Andy Stanley is a book focused on helping people to understand how to best take care of and steward their money. I have enjoyed listening to Andy Stanley's sermons in the past so I thought I would see how I liked his book. 

Since the beginning of the year, Matt and I have been reading a book together. We are just taking a few minutes a day to read. We might read at breakfast, during his lunch break or even just before bed. The focus is reading just a small amount to keep us connected. Some books will be about parenting, some devotions and some like this one will be about finances/giving etc. 

From our reading of this book, here is the main point I took away: 
Each of us is rich. We must realize that we are, in fact, rich and we must work hard and focus on how to best steward our money. If we are not good stewards of our money, no mater how much we make or earn, we will never be satisfied. The best way to be content with what you have monetarily is to make sure that your money doesn't control you. This can be done by giving well. 

Matt and I have been givers since before we were married and thankfully that has continued in our marriage as well. Sometimes, this is hard especially as life situations change and finances change. For us, what has helped the most is that we have been consistent with our giving, namely tithing and then we have given extra when able. 

How to Be Rich was a good guide for this focus on giving. One thing that I did not enjoy about this book is that I felt like it took Andy a long time to get to his point. The read along the way was good but for me, it was a little drawn out. 

I did like that Andy writes like he speaks so it was an easy read for us. There were many good principles throughout the book as well. 

If you need or are interested in a book to help you align yourself correctly with your money, this may just be the one! 

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