Sunday, January 25, 2015

Morgan Family Staycation 2015 {Day 5 & 6}

After two busy days out, we decided to stay home/around town the rest of the wee. We initially planned one more outing to Hendersonville, NC but the weather was cold and most of what we would do there was outside, so we changed plans and we were quite happy that we made that decision! 

We started the morning making German Pancake/Oceans Pancakes. I used this recipe and it was delicious!! 

We rented some movies the day before so we watched a couple including Planes and Encino Man. We also watched parts of Ice Age and of course, Curious George. Lots of relaxing took place. We were in PJs all day (our favorite). Lunch was Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese. The whole day was just delightful! 

We also discovered on this day that Mason officially had a mullet!! We had a plan to get it cut mid-December and then Mason was sick, then the holidays come and it just didn't get done. Thankfully, before this day, we already had a hair appointment scheduled. Hopefully, I can post pictures of that later. :)

Day 6 began with Mason's first dentist appointment. We tried a family picture before and these were the results. OY!

We were referred to Dr. Amy Green by MANY of our friends and soooo many others and we were NOT disappointed! She and her whole team were awesome. The sign was ready to welcome Mason. :)

Waiting patiently. :)

He was a little traumatized by his appointment but he cheered up easily! 

Looked like such a big boy at Aldi while I bagged the groceries. 

After the dentist and some errands, we came home and made pork chops, gravy, rice and sweet potatoes for lunch. After that, we took naps, of course! 


We ran a few errands which included a cool bouncy ball machine. Mason's first!! 

We finished the night with dinner at Papa's Breakfast Nook where Mason had an egg sandwich (ate the whole thing), Matt had philly cheesesteak and I had the biggest and best chef's salad EVER!! 

My sweet guys snuggling! 

Sweet days of this staycation. Oh man, let's have another one SOON!!

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  1. Your posts are making me want to have a staycation instead of going off somewhere.