Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Last of 2014}

Well, there went 2014! We enjoyed this year so much! 
Here's what happened with us at the last of December 2014:

Mom gave me a Christmas cactus last year and I kept it alive all year long! WOOHOO!! Despite that, I was wondering if it was every going to bloom and on Christmas Eve it did! 

Good snuggles for Daddy and Mason after nap one day. 

Matt always sends me morning breakfast pictures of Mason when I'm working. 

These boys are silly. Matt, Mason, and Curious George. 

Matt was able to take Mason to library one day when I was working. They had the best time!

My star reader!

Play time...lots of play time!

Y'all, snuggles with this boy are the best!

Mason has become a pro at teeth-brushing!

Matt and I had some good QT one night which included Netflix and hot chocolate.

We built our first blanket fort! The guys in my house loved that!

And a few more snuggles took place...

I took Mason to storytime one Monday morning and he was wide open! I was worn out! ha! 

Oh, and more snuggles...I'm sensing a trend!

Blurry pic alert. :) Mason loves Curious George and I had been wanting to get him a shirt but they don't seem to be readily available. I was going through a box of hand me downs from a friend and found one! I was so excited. I tried to get a better pic but my curious Mason was too busy! :)

Love this boys love for books.

We had a ROUGH Day but we found time to smile and time for...

More snuggles. I really soaked them up this day because we both  needed them!

We spent a little time goofing off in Home Depot while waiting for Dad one day.

Mason and Matt had more morning bonding time on a day I worked.

And coffee time, too. :)

I told Mason "Mr. Mason, you don't need coffee. You already have enough energy!"

Mason and I spent the last morning of 2014 at the library. He met a new friend and had a blast!

We are looking forward to 2015! Bring it on! 

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