Monday, January 26, 2015

Morgan Family Staycation 2015 {Day 7}

Day 7 was probably the most chill day and there were hardly any pictures until after 3:00 in the afternoon. We had eggs and pork chop scramble for breakfast. Played inside and outside in the morning and had PB, nutella and banana sandwiches for lunch. We watched Winnie the Pooh throughout the day and Mason only kind of liked it. Everything is secondary to George. 
Matt also introduced Mason to a little TMNT...boys! 

For dinner, I made chili mac and cheese and copycat Jim N Nicks cheese biscuits. Both recipes are amazing and you can find them on my Pinterest page. 

Backtrack a bit...The best part of the day for my guys was between Mason's nap time and dinner. An ice cream date for Matt and Mason!! 

They ended their date with a quick trip to Publix and a few rounds of "Slow, Slow, Fast" That's our family grocery cart game and Mason LOVES it! 

After 7 days of staycation with 5 of the 7 days being largely relaxing and chill time, I can honestly say, we were so glad that we chose Staycation versus Vacation. And we still had two days left!!! 

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  1. Reading about yours makes me even sadder that we do not have one planned for this year. I LOVED our staycation last year. It was so wonderful!