Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-July 2015}

The Middle part of July felt like it was extra busy and I have no idea why because we really didn't do a whole lot. However, we did have a good amount of little and fun moments that made it great. 

Matt and Mason went to Wal-Mart and found a BIG ball! 

And a little ball...:)

One day when I was resting, Matt took Mason to the library and he had such a fun time. 

And we went wild and threw caution to the wind and let Mason have some sweet tea. 

Mason spent some time helping me clean the house. He's a big time cleaner and I love it! 

I couldn't resist a picture of his finger on his face. Sweetness. 

On July 10th, I headed to Beth Moore with some friends. First was dinner at a brick oven cafe, Trio, and I had this AMAZING Cobb salad. YUM! 

While I worshipped and learned, my boys had fun at home on Friday night. 

Saturday morning, we got up early and I headed back to Beth Moore and Mason and Matt headed to Atlanta to meet up with Matt's sister and her family at the Georgia Aquarium. 

So excited to see the fish!! 

Sweet guys ready for a fun day! 

Mason with Luke and Kieran before the fun started! 

Fun with Jennifer at Beth Moore. 

Mason LOVED the fish. Matt didn't take a ton of pictures because they were too busy exploring. 

At this point, Matt said mason was hangry! 




But able to wake up quickly for a donut at our favorite, Sublime Donuts. 

And back to sleep! :)

I enjoyed the rest of Beth Moore; it was so encouraging and life-giving and I learned a lot. 

After Matt and Mason were almost home, they stopped for dinner. 

Mason ate and ate and then helped Matt load the food up into the box for leftovers. 

Meanwhile, I was at home trying to keep myself awake and enjoying this AWESOME sub from Sub Station II. I was loving it! 

Matt's brother and his girlfriend sent a care package to us through Matt's sister and it included this Willow Tree statue in memory of our sweet angel baby. They didn't know that we had a small collection for special occasions so that made it even more special to us. 

They also sent some cool sunglasses for Mason and some awesome books, Pout Pout Fish and Animal Alphabet. He obviously loved it all. 

Matt's sister, Holly, and her family gave us a Bottle of Tears bottle and it is beautiful. You can read about them here. I forgot to get a picture of it before writing the post but it is very similar to the one seen below in a picture from their website. 

Sunday morning, we were all still pretty tired so we decided to wait for the evening for church since our church has a 6:00 service and we headed to Golden Corral for breakfast. 

Then, we did a little wandering around in Target. 

Mason and I have been perfecting the art of sticker placement...nailed it! 

Also, it appears I am spending some of my days with a bucket head. 


Watching Dinner cook in the oven. (Thanks, Jenn, for the wonderful chicken casserole.)

Horsin' around with Daddy. 

Oh yes, more sunglasses! 


Sweetest boys in the world! 

Wednesday, July 15th, I picked up Mom from the airport and we headed to dinner and Trader Joe's. We picked Grimaldi's and it was AWESOME!! 

Funny story, I was flipping through Facebook and Mason saw this picture and said "Dada Dada". I haven't stopped laughing about it since! 

GiGi is HERE!!!!

We ate at Wade's for lunch Thursday and as always, it was so good! 

Life is good when GiGi is around! 

We went to a fun party at Pump-It-Up for our best buddy Skylar. Mason had a blast and Momma learned not to wear a skirt on a jumping party day! 

YUMMY cupcake! 

Y'all, this is the face we get when Mason can't have something. It's getting real around here!! 

Again, life is GOOD! 

And that GiGi? She's awesome! She watched our sweet boy (while he was sleeping) so we could go on a date night. We headed out for sushi, walking and ice cream! 

Proof once more, life is GOOD!!! 

Mason even got a chance to try on GiGi's glasses. Handsome boy!! 

It was a good mid-July. The last part of the month holds time for work for me, babysitting/fun for GiGi and Mason, work for Matt and then a trip to Louisiana for Mason and myself! 


  1. I love the gifts you VERY thoughtful. I especially love the bottle of tears!! I hadn't seen those before. LOVE the fish pics. Why am I such a sucker for fish when I don't even LIKE fish?? I'm a mystery. And I was cracking up at the Beth Moore pic...because I have a very similar one from last year. I adore her consistency with expression. :)

    1. It's something about fish WITH a precious little boy!!!!
      Beth Moore is amazing. I told Matt, when you Hear her talk you feel like she is your best friend! Haha!