Monday, November 21, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late October 2016}

Let's take it wayyyyy back to the last bit of October that I haven't blogged about. 
One morning, Mason and I crafted. Mason was not impressed with my unpreparedness and he said "I not yike Mommy craft." haha! Thankfully, we were able to figure it out quickly and we made some cute thing! First was this candy corn. 


Then pumpkin pie!

Then Mason made these and told me it was peanut butter and jelly. :)

Mason was playing on the porch and he wanted to get George. Well, George was disobedient and had to go into time out! Mason's doing...haha!

This boy loves bath!

And so does this one!

One morning, Maddox went to take a nap and Mason asked to watch a show in the pack and play. :) Matt was pretty happy both boys were contained and he relaxed some, too!

Balance bike work!

Little Mister's first swing! He doesn't look impressed but he loved it!


Matt and Mason found this little branch at the park to play with. :)

Four Morgans swinging.

Mason loved his week of birthday treats. One of them was this yummy monster donut.


That takes care of, let me get to November soon!

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