Monday, August 13, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 31}

Man, the last two weeks feel like they have flown by. I just realized I didn't blog at all last week so I better catch up on our happenings from two weeks ago! haha! 

Last Monday, the boys and I headed to the Rail Trail for a little biking, strolling, walking and it was a blast! 

After we walked about 1.5 miles, we stopped at the new pavilion and Play60 park area and had a snack before the boys played for a bit. 

This little park is more of an exercise park and most of it is too advanced for the boys right now but they had a blast nonetheless. 










After that, we finished out 2 miles on our way to the car. This beautiful butterfly caught our eyes, too. 

Next stop was Ingles for bananas. And of course, the boys enjoyed a free cookie. :) 

On the way home, Maddox almost fell asleep. That strolling is hard work. 

Later that day, Mason and I did school which involved some sorting with animals, playing with them, having them dance on the stage etc. It was a blast! 

We also practiced our drawing, too! 

That afternoon was LEGO block party. Before we went to that, we played in the library for a few minutes. 
A house made by Maddox. 

LEGO time! 


Funny story. Mason and I built this tower to be taller than him per his request and right as I was snapping pictures, a little boy knocked it over. We had a good laugh about it then. And then yesterday, I noticed a mom at church who looked familiar and I asked if I may have seen her at the library. Then, it hit me! Her son was the one who knocked over the tower. haha! I told her I didn't intend to be rude but I wanted to make the connection with her. Hopefully, we will see them again soon at an event or church! 


Tuesday morning, Anna came over to play and she and the boys made a zoo. They are sort of like their own zoo anyway. 😂

Mason and Anna had a few epic battles of Trouble and Candy Land. 

When Kris came to pick Anna up, they had a few minutes so all of the kids painted a bit. 

And Emily read to them. 😭

Wednesday, I had a class and Matt took the boys to CFA story time and to play in the play place. 

Thursday morning we met friends at the children's museum and had a blast! 










School looked like this one day. 

That Friday evening, we needed a break from routine and a bit of a splurge so we headed to Cookout for a cheap dinner. We all shared two boxes and a milkshake. Later we found out that we also shared a cold. 😳
Maddox and I had a photoshoot while Matt took Mason to the restroom. 

Then they joined us again!

They were setting up a game before we left so we all got free stuff! 

Saturday, Matt worked and the boys and I made cookies. They were obviously anxious for them! 





Best Dad Ever. 

Ending the day with snuggles. 

Love this one. 

Sunday afternoon, Matt took Mason to the Carolina Panthers' training camp and they had a blast. Mason said "Cam Newton is the greatest football player in the whole world!" 😊

Meanwhile, Maddox and I snuggled at home. 


Pure silliness. 

Then we played some. He likes to play with ALL of the toys. 

It was a good week! 

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