Sunday, November 11, 2018

His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray {A Book Review}

His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray is the newest Christmas  book in the Hart County series. I have read all of these books in this series and I continue to enjoy them. 

This particular book, His Promise, while it is part of a series, can be read alone without issue. They all take place in Hart County and have little bits and pieces of information related to the other books but not so much that you cannot keep up with the new book without reading the old ones. 

Around this time of year, I enjoy reading at least one Christmas book just to kind of get me in the mood for the season and this one definitely did the trick. 

The main character is Grace King who is pet-sitting for a family who is out of town for the holidays. At the beginning, the dog gets loose and she makes contact with someone she hasn't seen in a long time and that she had a bit of history with. As the story develops, their relationship changes and it's interesting to follow as you learn new information about each of them. Intertwined with Grace's story is also the story of an older woman in the community, Dorma, who is dealing with memory loss and begins to need more help. 

Their stories begin to move together in a way you wouldn't expect and there is an element of suspense added in that is unique as well. I definitely recommend especially if you like Amish fiction. 

**Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book.**

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