Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 45}

This is how Maddox insisted on getting dressed last Monday morning. Sweatshirt with hood THEN fireman helmet. 

When Mason had his last day of speech, we waited and played in the lobby. Maddox was WILD! 

Look at this. 😍

When we hit the library that afternoon for a Harvest Party, Mason took some time to read. Love this so much. 

Monday morning when the boys were eating, I was doing a few chores and heard Maddox say "Let's pray!" 

We also went to vote that morning. They were my big helpers. 

It was rainy so when we got back, we painted Christmas ornaments. 

Wednesday story time was awesome because two firefighters came. We have seen several fireman demonstrations and this was the BEST! 









There were a few crafts when we finished so we stopped to do one. 

Thursday was a day in the life day for an Instagram account that I follow. These were the posted of our every day life that I posted. 




Thursday night, Matt took the boys to make slime while I was working. They had a blast!!


Friday morning, these two were matching and looking sharp for Mason's well check. 

Chilling out before the flu shot came. They both screamed their heads off. 

Mason recovered well and did great the rest of his appointment. I'll post his stats in his 5 year old update! 


We rewarded ourselves with a Target trip to look at Christmas decorations and to start on some Christmas presents for our friends. 

A year ago Saturday I took a picture of Maddox eating yogurt so naturally I needed one that day! 

Saturday morning I did Mason's birthday book update and he answered some questions and signed his name. :) 

Then they dressed up like Daddy. 

Saturday night, Matt and I made a semi-homemade dinner with healthy Chinese food. So good! 

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