Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mason Says & Does {34}

Matt went to wake up Maddox from nap and Mason said, "Dad, dad, dad. Maddox may still be really sleepy. He's had a rough day. can you just let him sleep a little longer so I can watch some more of this show?" 😂

While at Pump-It-Up: Dad can you set a five minute timer so we can leave? I'm hungry! 

Preparing Matt for Pump-It-Up: Dad, there are three rules. Don't hurt your ankle, because you may break it. I don't remember the other two.

Last week, Mason drew this picture of our family. He said Matt was the one smiling and the rest of us were eating ice cream. :)

During birthday celebrations, Mason asked that their be candles for everyone and for everyone to be sung to. He loves his people well. 

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