Monday, December 16, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 46}

One cold dark morning, these boys woke up and wanted to snuggle. I certainly didn't say no to that! 

The theme continued later that day, too. We even added Daddy in. Some days are just made for snuggles in bed. 

Now THAT is some wild hair! 

Looking so handsome...

Post-Nap snuggles with Daddy. Maddox once avoided snuggles with Daddy but lately he's been making up for it. 

Mason set up a store for Maddox to go to shop. ❤️

Maddox had been asking for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings recently and one evening it worked out to make it happen for a dude date. They had the best time! 

They came home for dessert...blackberries, grapes and whipped cream. 

Maddox was a fan. 

Air chairs are always a good idea! 

"Park time is a great time for pictures" says Mama. 

We enjoyed the park so much that we went back the next day and the boys made some new friends. Always warms my Mama heart. 

It was fun to unwrap The Polar Express one morning! 

We haven't been to library events as much recently but when this puppet show was mentioned, I knew the boys would love it. It was just short enough to entertain everyone. 😊

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