Monday, October 19, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 39}

For a while, we had the most amazing garden spider in our front window. He was there for almost 1 month and we got to see him molt, grow,  and catch so many insects in his web. It was truly amazing. I may have teared up when we noticed one afternoon that he was gone. 


The boys helped me do my hair and said I looked like a rockstar. 😂😂

This was Maddox's drawing of a house. The top part is the attic with a bed in it. "It's in there because it's very very very old." 

Going for a walk! Maddox was VERY prepared. It should be noted that it never rained. 😂

New glasses! He's soooo handsome! He said "I can definitely wear these until I'm 5!" 

Well...that's something. 

Craft time! Thanks, Kid's Club. 

Daddy and his boys 

I had an overnight retreat for church and it was in an amazing house on the lake.  The view was top notch! 

Skeleton costumes are here!! Not sure where we will wear them but we got 'em! 

Matt and the boys did an experiment and made elephant toothpaste. Major win! 

This big guy was close to Mr. Spider one afternoon. So cool! First I'd ever seen a brown one, to my knowledge. 

Halloween stickers came in the mail from GiGi and Maddox put them to good use!! 


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