Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 37}

I had no idea what he was doing over there but he was soaking wet, happy and content so I let do it. ❤️

I spy with my little eye...

Haircut day for me!! 


I ran to Greenville to Trader Joes and stopped at Zoe's Kitchen for lunch. I must say that eating solo in a restaurant is not nearly as fun these days as it once was for me. 

Love him. 

And smoothie making was too loud. 😂

Seriously, Matt and I are both so grateful to be raising readers. 

Umm, what do you have there Mr. Garden Spider?!?!😱😱

This was a GOOD dinner! Stuffed sweet potatoes with chicken, bacon and a homemade ranch! Yum! 

Ready for church...and a monsoon. 😉

Loves to help. 

Comfy there, Mad?

Found another kind of spider in the backyard...Crab Weaver! 

Got some one-on-one time with this guy. 

And then some more when we went to get his new glasses ordered! 

We had a fun time! 

Love. Him. So. Much. 


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