Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Matt's camera {Zoo & Strawberries}

As promised, here are pictures from Matt's camera from our recent zoo trip as well as our strawberry picking. LOVE when he gets pictures that are better than our iPhone! 

I love my boy and we loved seeing the rheas and the giant ant eater! 

This monkey was HYSTERICAL! he was just hanging around and we were all cracking up!


These (fake) lions are Mason's favorite part of the zoo, in my opinion!

AH!! Hi, Tatu! We were so glad to finally meet you!

While I stared at the giraffe, Mason and Granddad were just walking happily. Thanks, Granddad! 

We have been to the zoo probably a dozen times and this was the first time that we have every seen the tortoises moving about!

Little baby monkey...oh how cute!

Mason thought he wanted to feed the goats but he ended up just jumping up and down giggling...haha!

That's all for the zoo! Now, let's move on to those strawberry pictures. 

It was the PERFECT day for picking strawberries. The weather was warm but not hot and the breeze was blowing a little bit. ah! 

You bet we snuck some yummy berries while we picked. MMM2 enjoyed them.

Mason and Mammy

Mason and PopPop

The gang with the LOOT!

Aren't they beautiful? After eating, er, I mean picking berries, PopPop got us some yummy strawberry freezes. I want one RIGHT NOW!!

Thanks, Matt, for always capturing the best pictures. I love you tons! 

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