Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Favorite Books {4}

Man! We have been reading some GOOD books lately! Here's the next installment of favorite children's books! 

Water! Water! Water! is a fun book about, you guessed it, water. :) 
The characters experiment with water, learn about water and write a book about water. It's a bit high level for Mason right now but I hope to use again in school in a year or so. 

Intended to be a nighttime book to help children fall asleep. It was hilarious! Mason giggled the whole time. 

Man, I love this type of book. This was wasn't difficult for Mason but some of the others were a bit difficult for him. This one has you searching for the odd one on each page. 

A funny book about a rabbit who outgrows his house because he has too many carrots. It had a sweet ending. 

This series of books are some of Mason's favorites! We don't love all of Mo Willems' books but these are winners for us! 

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton is about 13 historical women who persisted when odds were against them. I may not be raising women but I want my boys to know how to push through adversity and how to respect women. 

A fun little rhyming bedtime story. 

Similar to the odd one out above, this one has you search for pairs. I bit more difficult but still doable for Mason at nearly 4. 

A fun book with a play on words. 

Mason loves the ninja books! 

As we work on counting, numbers and writing in school, this book went right along with it while also showing a bit about several countries. 

Mason LOVES dinosaurs right now so a book about a dinosaur trying to be a pet dog? Right up his alley. Very cute! 

This book and the other books in the series are awesome! Follow the Line through the book all the while looking for various items, learning miscellaneous facts and just enjoying the line. 

Again, similar to the search books above but a bit harder for Mason right now. Still, I just made up more simplistic options and asked him to find them. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It is all pictures but each two pages are a before and after. Some of them make you think. Mason really enjoyed it, too! 

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