Thursday, September 14, 2017

Montgomery Pictures {A Compilation}

After I finished my weekly post, Matt got home and got lots of pictures from his Mom from their weekend. I still wanted to share those so here's Montgomery Trip Overload. :)

They left on Thursday around noon and they enjoyed lots of Hamilton music on the drive down and plenty of other silliness, too! 


They ate Mason's favorite for dinner, CiCi's and then he helped PopPop with a little work. 

Then they built this awesome car track! 

This isn't a good picture of Mason but he's showing off the rug we gave Grammy for her birthday. :) 

Listening for helicopters. 

The museum as plenty of fun for everyone! 





Plenty of inside play time with Daddy's old toys and then some swim time! 


After a short {cold} swim they went to a newer Mexican restaurant in town that Matt's parents had raved about. Everyone enjoyed! 


Dinner payoff was a vacuuming of their van. ;-)



Plenty of playtime took place over the weekend. 

Parks included. 







Reading and TV time with snuggles are always good, too! 

Saturday night was burger night and Sunday morning came a little too soon for Mason. He cried real big ole tears when it was time to leave!

Thankfully, he recovered and travelled well. Maddox, too. They made the trip in less than 5 hours without a single stop! 

No traffic right outside of Atlanta or in Atlanta! 

Home to SC!! 

Such a fun weekend for my guys! 

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