Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {11}

I've missed several months of these children's book posts but I'm trying to get back to it! 

This book, Smile a Lot, was so cute! At the end of each page, it said "Smile a lot". Such a good reminder. Boys loved it. 

This book, Rock 'N' Roll Soul, had a great beat to it. Lots of musical tune in the pages. Mason especially loved it! Also, the main character has a great deal of self-esteem-love that! 

Cute book about a fish who is not what people think he is. 

A fun book that mixes baking and writing a book. We read this one several times. So neat! 

Errol wasn't like his other friends but he finds out what is his special talent! 

We've been on a dinosaur kick. This one is extra fun. All of these books mention things that we shouldn't do, actions we shouldn't take and then support positively with the correct behaviors. 

Geraldine moved to a new town and she has to figure out how to fit in. Excellent excellent lesson. 

This book and the first in the series is so cute. I also just saw that a third one is coming out in September. The items inside fridge go on some adventures. These books had the boys in stitches! 

Whoa. So good. This book is a great children's book sharing about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Some of the information advanced for Mason but the basic principle that we all deserve the opportunity to be the best we can be regardless of gender or color. Love this. 

The story of the writing of this song. I really enjoyed this one. 

100% silly. Pete ate it all! 

Really cool, really detailed book about bugs. We will have to remember this one for the future. 

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