Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mason Says & Does {31}

Maddox pulled Mason's hair and went to time out. He was told he was done but he laid in his bed for 20 minutes. Mason just went outside of the crib and Maddox was inside and they were playing. *Kids are weird.*

When speaking of our peanut snack, Mason said it a "penis" 😂😂😂

After I made smoothies, Mason said, "Mom you make the best smoothies. Dad makes good ones, too, but they are kinda yucky too." 😂

"What are you doing, Mason?" 
"Trying to see if I can hear my chocolate chip going down." 
"How'd that go?" 
"I couldn't see it or hear it?" 

When speaking of Hawaiian rolls: Behind rolls. 😂

We had an early dinner one evening and I gave the boys crackers for "supper". Mason ate two and gave the rest to Maddox saying "I'm full. That was a good supper!" 

Mason got up to go to the bathroom near wake-up time. Both boys were then awake in their room. Maddox was talking and Mason said "GO TO SLEEP! I'm trying to sleep. Sleep is good for you so do it!" 😂

After telling Maddox something to help him. Mason says, "Okay Maddox. If you get stuck, I'm not going to help you." 😂😂😂

I told Mason we could go to the grocery store before our meeting but we needed to be quick. "Why, Mom? We are always early!" 😂

Mason woke up to potty one morning and I told him to go back to bed for a few minutes. When he went in, Maddox was sitting up in his bed. He walked over to his crib, leaned down, and said, "Just a few more minutes, Maddox." 😍😍😍

Playing the guitar, "I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus." 😭

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