Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck {A Book Review}

Over the last several years, I've become a big fan of Rachel Hauck and I'm always excited when a new book comes out that she has written. The Love Letter arrived at a bad time for me as I discovered shortly after that I had miscarried a baby. Lots of healing and emotions kept me from reading very much. That being said, once I did pick up this book, I couldn't put it down. 

The story is told of two couples over 200 years apart. Chloe and Jesse are in the present day and they live in Los Angeles. Hamilton and Esther are 200+ years ago during the Revolutionary War and are in South Carolina. (Side note: I loved the South Carolina setting because the place they speak of it less than 30 minutes from my doorstep. That was such a good thing for me.) Each of these characters tells part of the story and I really truly loved that. 

Chloe reads the script for a movie, Bound by Love, for which the screenplay was written by Jesse and she falls in love with the characters and the story. As the book goes on, we find out more and more about Hamilton and Esther and their lives many years ago both through the movie/screenplay and as certain parts of their story are told from their perspective. 

Hamilton and Esther's relationship is tumultuous as is the friendship between Chloe and Jesse. The story brings in plenty of little surprises and by the end I was definitely surprised! 

If you need a good love story with a bit of twists and turns, check this one out by Rachel Hauck! 

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