Friday, July 27, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {11}

Maddox pulled Mason's hair and went to time out. He was told he was done but he laid in his bed for 20 minutes. Mason just went outside of the crib and Maddox was inside and they were playing. *Kids are weird.*

Maddox climbed into Mason's bed, moved all of the animals and snuggled in saying "night night". 😍

Maddox walked over two Mason with a toy and said, "Sison, open?" I teared up. SO big.

July 16th, Maddox stuck popcorn up his nose. 😳

Instead of calling my stepdad Rarry (for Jerry) , Maddox is currently saying "Rarray!" 😂

At Pump-It-Up, when we slid, Maddox said "one more time!?" 😭

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