Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {15}

Time for another round of our recent favorite book picks! 

These first several pictures were taken in the car in a hurry so excuse the quality! 
If you aren't familiar with the story of Malala, get familiar. It is incredible, hard, inspiring and eye-opening. This is one perspective of her story. 

A funny book that made us all laugh. #Kids

This book...😭 Just so well-written and encouraging. He speaks to his daughters about the things he sees/hopes to see in the world. Love it. 

Phew...a hard read. Hard for me to say much about it because it's just tough. Look it up, definitely worth checking out. 

A sweet book that tells the story of creation in rhymes. 

This book is so funny. Gabby convinces her grandmother to take her to Never Sleeping City. What happens there is worth the read! 

A neat story about how one player changed hockey. Matt is a hockey fan so the boys are by default. 

Fletcher is so upset about the falling leaves until he learns the reasoning. 

An outrageous tale of a boy following a bubble. 

Poor little stink bug is unstinky. What will he do about it? 

A town has a wall that is unsightly. They work through a way to figure out how to make it more appealing. This is a neat story of teamwork and unity. 

Another book about Malala. We really enjoyed this one, too. 

As Mason leans into learning to read more, these books have been so great for him! 

We have read similar books about bugs and beasts. This one is similar but did not appeal as much for whatever reason. Maybe we will try again another time. 

Frida Kahlo is such an incredible person to learn about. We've read several books about her. This book was a neat perspective of her life. If you haven't learned about Frida, do it now!

Hehe, this book is hilarious. Giraffe discusses all of his problems and learns why they may not be problems after all. 

Counting and building. Perfect book for a 2 year old boy. 

This book was great around Thanksgiving. Great to read about the sacrifices they make. 

This book is a bit advanced for my boys but it was fun to flip through. We will come back to it again later on. So much information about cities throughout the country. 

I love stories that are based on true story. This book was educational and fun. 

Oh, poor Bear and Duck. I love it. 

We checked out a few books about Jewish families/people after the synagogue shooting. This one was so cool. Love learning more about other cultures. 

Great book for learning about the senses. 

Just like Giraffe, Penguin has problems, too. 

Mason enjoys this series of books and this latest one is no exception. SO relatable to boys especially but all kids. 

The Scott brothers had big dreams and this book shares how they made it happen! 

A new lift-a-flap book in time for Christmas! 

Bear Can't Sleep is so cute. These Bear books always pull us in. We've read all of them. 

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  1. What a great list! I've had my eye on the Malala books to add to my collection.