Monday, December 10, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 47}

Lately, we average one to two times a week going to Home Depot to check on the Christmas decor. 

Look at this sweetness. 

When I've had physical therapy on a day other than Monday, Jenn has helped me with the boys. Sweet friends. 

That afternoon, we went outside for a small nature walk and enjoyed the beauty of Fall. 

We brought those things inside to make imprints with them. They boys had a blast! 



Sweet boys...

It was a windy afternoon so we needed to bring Mr. Snowman inside. 

We got to spend the morning before Thanksgiving with our friends. It was such a sweet time. 

That afternoon, I worked and Matt took the boys to the library for story time and play and then to Cook-Out! 

I also got all of our Christmas presents wrapped! 

Love these boys. 

More loving...

We took a poinsettia to Mrs. Phoebe. Made her day and ours! 

Maximum chill time...

When we had our nature walk, Maddox picked this flower for me. It lived in this cup for 9 days!! 


Home Depot Kid's Workshop! 


And more Christmas decor...




Y'all, we love the library. I'm soooo glad we have such a great one! 

Saturday evening fun. 😂

Watching Queen videos. 

This guy gave me some MAJOR snuggles. I enjoyed every second. 


A friend was selling this for reasonable price so we picked up and cleaned it up. Perfect for the front porch for winter play. 

We also started opening our Christmas books for this year. Such fun thing to do each day. 


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