Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mason Says & Does {35}

Matt was flipping through the radio stations and they were talking about the recent GA governor race and Mason asked what they were talking about. Matt explained how some people were thinking that one of them "cheated". Mason said, "If he cheated, he shouldn't be governor!" Well, boom. (And this is just a conversation. No discussion of politics followed.)

We went to a local park with friends and Mason said "Mom, I love my friends."

Listening to a new cd from Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben, Mason said, "When they say 'ah-men',  I am going to say 'ay-men.'" 😂

Mason was using the bathroom. He said, "Maddox give me some privacy please...NO WAIT COMEBACK! I can show you how to wipe your bottom." #boys 😂

We always ask the boys what they are thankful before bedtime. One night, Mason just simply said, "Messiah." 😭😭😭

"Hashtag Girls stink" Rude.

"Anna's already 5. Maybe I can marry her." I asked him if he was old enough to get married and he said "No, I'm choosing some people." He then clarified that he knew he could only marry one person. ❤️

After a cold afternoon outside, Mason was freezing. Matt found him on the couch covered up "I'm cozy here." 😍

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