Friday, December 7, 2018

Mason: FIVE Year Update!

Mason turned 5 on November 1st. I can't believe he's FIVE! He's one of the sweetest kids and is kind, generous and caring all while being rough and tumble, too! SO thankful for him! 

He had his annual check-up and he measured in a 3'8" tall (75%) and 48.8 pounds (90%). The doctor said everything checked out perfectly. We are so grateful! 

Just after his birthday, he finished up with speech therapy. He has progressed so much. 

This kid loves his family. He can be frustrating like any kid can be at times but he is honest, loving, lovable and wants to be affirmed in what he is doing. 

He is working with Mom on learning to read. He's known all letters and their sounds for a while so now it's time to put it all together and get to reading. We are taking it slowly and he is enjoying it so much. 

Mason and Maddox are in a good place. They are annoying each other 50% of the time and playing well together 50% of the time. haha! They talk each night before bed and it is the sweetest to hear. 

Mason enjoys TV time and iPad time when he gets it and is very into ninja shows and things related to that. 

LEGOs are big in our house right now and some fun creations come nearly everyday. 

Mason is VERY into Christmas. He loves all of the sights, sounds and events surrounding the season. He loves Jesus and is learning about him everyday through church, AWANA and things we are doing at home. I love to hear the questions he asks everyday. 

We are so glad Mason is FIVE! We love him so! 

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