Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mason Currently, Part 2

**Still loving his hands. At any given time when he is sleeping without a swaddle, his hands are up by his face.

**Little guy held onto his umbilical cord for nearly 4 weeks. Let's just say, it took all of the patience I had to not pull that thing off! Don't worry, I didn't even attempt it. He had his first real bath on November 26th.

**Mason celebrated his 1st Thanksgiving on November 28th. He loved the turkey and dressing. ;-)

**Grammy and Pop Pop visited us arriving on November 23rd and staying a full week. Mason enjoyed  being held by them for sure.

**Mason is really getting established into his routine and continues to eat every three hours around the clock. He usually stays awake 45-60 minutes during the day time hours and then sleeps the remaining time. At night, he eats and then goes right back to sleep. He is eating between 2-2.5 ounces at each feeding but I'm thinking that may increase very soon. Our boy likes to eat!

**Matt and I have already given Mason many nicknames. Among them are: Mason Man, Little Stinker (Which was also a name we used when he was in-utero), Buddy Bud, Fusser Buttons, Squirmy Worm to name a few.

**We have enjoyed singing to him daily. Making up our own songs at times and then just changing words to other songs. Example: Do you know the Mason Man, the Mason Man, the Mason Man? Do you know the Mason Man who lives in Spartanburg? (based on the Muffin Man) :)

**He got his first Christmas ornament and Christmas pajamas too. As we were walking through the mall, there was an ornament stand. On the stand, they had ornaments to be personalized and there just happened to be one that already said "Mason". Needless to say, we bought it!

**Last Sunday, at 3 weeks, 2 days, we weighed Mason and he weighed 9 pounds. We wanted to weigh him again this past Sunday but we forgot. Can't wait to see how much he has gained!

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