Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Ornaments

Friends from home sent this ornament for Mason's 1st Christmas. I was so excited to get it because all of the ones I have seen were pretty cheesy. This one is PERFECT! Matt and I can't wait to put a picture in it. The bottom part is chalkboard and can be written on. LOVE IT!

One day while in the mall, Matt and I spotted a little stand that had ornaments to personalize. We began browsing and soon I spotted this one that was already personalized with "Mason" on it. We bought it quickly. It's so fun!

Our friends, Brad, Rebekah, Jadon and Baby Hill #2 sent this ornament to us. So sweet! 

GiGi purchased this little Christmas Pickle ornament for Mason from The Fresh Market. It's so cute and tiny. 

When PawPaw was here he got these two ornaments for Mason when we visited Hendersonville. A fish and a deer are quite appropriate coming from PawPaw :)

This ornament was what we purchased for ourselves for our 2nd anniversary on 1/1/13. The gift for that anniversary is "cotton" so this was perfect!!! 

Oh, how'd that get in there!?! ;-)

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