Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2nd Day Hair

I've got to take a moment away from my typical style of blogging about our family and talk about something VERY superficial! It's just necessary. 

Before Mason was born and actually, for all of my life from what I can remember, in order for my hair to look decent, I had to wash it each and every day. This often resulted in my washing it and just drying it partially and pulling it back for work many days because I just didn't want to fix it everyday. Call it lazy, yeah, that's pretty much all you can call it!

Anyway, after having Mason, I discovered the most amazing thing!! I can now wash and dry my hair one day and then the next day it still looks nice!!! This is awesome because this results in it only being necessary to wash 3-4 times a week and still have clean hair the other days too!!

I love this because it encourages me to get my hair done those 3-4 days each week and then knowing it will still be good for the next day. Having an infant and still learning the ropes, this new hair discovery just makes other parts of life so much easier!!

SOOO, yay for 2nd day hair!!

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