Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paw Paw Meets Mason

Mason's PawPaw came to visit on December 3rd and stayed through December 7th. We enjoyed having him here. His time here consisted of a little shopping with the purchase of Mason's first camouflage clothing and two Christmas ornaments. Lots of food and a little bit of traveling and so much snuggling were also a part of the big week. 

Here is Mason meeting PawPaw for the first time!! 

The following pictures show just how much snuggling PawPaw and Mason did! 

We took a few generation pics. Love these two! 


Then Mason and PawPaw had their turn. 



We Love you PawPaw!!

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  1. Hi Leslie!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I actually stopped by yours yesterday, but I didn't leave a comment. Sorry. Mason is absolutely A-DOR-able!! What a Christmas blessing!! Yes, I know Rebekah, but unfortunately, I haven't seen her in a while, but I do keep up with her on FB. She use to babysit for us while she was in college. Truth be known, you would see pictures of her and Alise at her church wedding shower and wedding! Isn't that neat? So I want to encourage you with your blogging. I've been blogging since Alise was a year old and not only is it my "escape," but it's also our family scrapbook! I love, love, love going back and seeing what we were doing three, five, six years ago and see how much my baby has grown! So stick with it! You will be so thankful one day! Merry Christmas to your sweet family! ~Laura