Friday, December 27, 2013

Mason: Week 8 {Photos}

Day 50: Sick little guy...

same day: feeling better! 

I may be sick but I decided to try to hold my bottle today! 

Day 51: Very serious :)

same day: waiting for the doctor for a follow-up

same day: showing off his skills holding up his head! 

Day 52: I LOVE this outfit

same day: Love my Dad :)

Day 53: First Christmas coming up AND wearing his baby legs for the first time! 

same day: Little grin

same day: who me?? 

Day 54: Christmas morning laughs with Momma! 

Mom and Dad smiling because they are snuggling and sleeping little one. 

ALL DAY PJ DAY for Christmas! 

Modeling ;-)

Day 55: Rocking the hoodie! 

Day 56: Sweet smiles 

Showing off his outfit from GiGi! 

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  1. Love all the pictures! Mason is so cute! Sorry to hear he has been sick. It's no fun when your baby is sick. :(