Thursday, September 3, 2015

My {31st} Birthday Weekend!

Well, the big 31 has happened in the house!!! 

My birthday started off with me getting cards from both of my guys! 

The night before my birthday, Matt went and picked up some flowers for me. However, I wouldn't let him take a picture of me that night. I had to wait until I was primped for our date. :)

Our dear friends, The Rasnakes, watched Mason for the day while Matt and I went on a day date. Our first stop was for a sweet tea at McDonalds. 

We dropped Mason off and before we got too far down the road, Jenn sent me this picture. Mason was helping with chores at their house. He's the best! 

Matt and I headed to Hendersonville arriving around 10:30 and it was a beautiful day!! 

Our first stops were the kitchen store and the toy store where we actually found some Christmas gifts. We were glad that we already have money set aside for Christmas so we could do that! 

Our next stop was a coffee shop where Matt got a Chai Latte' and I got a hot chocolate. YUM! This sign was posted and cracked us up. 

Next stop, Mast General store. It was MY day! 

We made lots and lots of stops in all kinds of fun shops. Hendersonville has bear statues all over the place and we had to snap a shot of this one...a honey bear. :)

You guys, we had so much fun!!!! 

We stopped for lunch at Mountain Deli. Matt had the hot carved ham sandwich and I had the Turkey BLT and we shared the steak chili. It was sooooo good! 

Our last stop in the downtown area was for cheesecake. YUM! 

We also made a stop at the local bakery and picked up some yummy treats. 
Once we got back to pick up Mason, Jenn said they had a blast! Here are pics she sent me. 


After we all got back together, Matt, Mason and I went to the YMCA to swim. It was such a blast!
Mason was blowing kisses :)

I got so many birthday wishes!!


We grabbed pizza to make at home for dinner after swimming and after Mason was in bed, Matt and I enjoyed some cookies and milk, TV time and played family feud. It was a great day! 

We decided before the weekend had even started that Sunday would be family day and we would be home together all day. It was the perfect day! We started with breakfast of German pancake....YUM! 

Matt and Mason gave me some gifts on Sunday morning since we didn't do that the day before. Matt put them all into the bathtub and covered them with balloons. It was so fun!! Later that day, Mason piled them all into our bed and played and played. It was so fun! 

Later that afternoon after naps, we ate an early dinner and watched some football!! 

We made delicious homemade potato chips for our tailgating food! There were so good, this was the only picture I got. HAHA!

Yay for a birthday and a new year! 

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