Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Favorite Books {5}

This first book, Little Plane Learns to Write, was Mason's favorite of a recent batch of books. He loves planes and he's learning to write as well so I guess it was just right for him. It's just a short cute book. 

Mason insisted on getting Where's Rodney because he said the kid on the front was stepping poop and you know boys love that kind of stuff. Anyway, he isn't stepping in poop but it was still such a good book. The little boy isn't attending well in school but he gets a really cool surprise and what he learns through that is neat. 

Just a fun book about birthdays...rhyming and quick. 

These ABC books are so fun! We've done A-G now and they introduce words with that particular sound, teaches the sounds of those letters and how to write each letter. These have been good support for our letter learning/writing. 

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water quickly became a favorite that we read many times. He tries to figure out why he didn't like water and when he does, it's so funny! 

A fun book using imagination. Both boys liked this one. 

These Elephant and Piggie books are so incredibly silly and so funny! Mason really likes them. 

LOVED this one! Important for learning Go and Stop and just a fun book in general. 

This book is a bit advanced for Mason but we have pared it down and used it as appropriate and it's been fun so far! 

GO right now and get this book at your library. It is so awesome! It introduces 7 kids in 7 different countries. It shares about their family dynamic, daily activities, etc. Mason and I have read about 1 child daily and it's been so good! 

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