Monday, October 30, 2017

Nashville! {October 2017}

A week ago we returned from a long weekend in Nashville. We were able to see Matt's sister and her family, his parents and we stayed with his brother and our sister-in-law. It was a full fun weekend! 

We left Thursday morning after Mason had speech. There was lots of sweetness along the way. It was a long drive because of traffic but the boys did great! 

We stopped outside of Knoxville for lunch at Wendy's and admired fries as big as our heads. 😂

And stuffed our mouths with chicken nuggets. 

Along the way, Matt and I transformed...#TisTheSeason

We arrived in Nashville about 4:30 and everyone met at Moe's for dinner around 5. I was inside holding the table while everyone said their initial hellos! 

Dinner was yummy and then we headed to the park for a few minutes for an early birthday celebration for Mason as well as us giving Holly's fam their Christmas presents since we won't see them again before Christmas. 

The kids were WORN OUT from a long day. 

We enjoyed a quick chat with Ben and Anne before heading to the bed. Friday morning the boys were up at like 5:00!!! We were ready for the day early and said good-bye to Ben and Anne before they went to work and we went to Loveless Cafe!!

The food was delicious and enough for like 3 meals. Sooo good! 

After breakfast, we drove around for a bit and then stopped back at Loveless once the stores opened to browse a bit. 

The guys played corn hole for a bit, too. 

And posed for pictures! SO much silliness!  

We stopped by a park for a while to let the boys play and then headed to the local library. On our way, we saw this yard fully decorated for Halloween! Mason was loving it! 

The library was SO nice! The boys had a blast. We attempted a story time but it wasn't right for their ages so we left. 


As you can tell, Maddox was highly interested in the book Matt was reading! 


We got back to the apartment in time for lunch and naps. Everyone took one and it was AWESOME! 

That afternoon, we headed for a snack...

and explored an awesome bookstore! 


We got back to the apartment just before Ben and Anne so we just played on the little playground outside of their door. 


Then the brothers had to race swinging...

We gave Uncle Ben and Aunt Anne their Christmas gifts, too. Mason helped! 

Everyone had a snack...

We all went to McKay's to search for books. We had never been and we loved it! Once the boys were in bed that night, we had Chinese take-out and just hung out! 


Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early for Five Daughter's delicious! 
Attempt at family pic...hahahahahahaha

Anne got these sweet pictures of the boys playing...



After that, we all went to Gentry's Farms. We met Mitch and the kiddos for a fun morning. Mason was a BIG helper! 

There was so much to do there and I think we could have stayed twice as long as we did! 



We had some relaxation at the apartment for a bit with leftover lunch. That afternoon, Matt took pictures for Ben and Anne and the boys and I hung out. Later we spent 2 hours or so at the park playing, chatting and having fun. Then we had yummy Mexican dinner at Ben and Anne's spot. Maddox had a mishap but we recovered and enjoyed it! 

Thirsty boy! 

That evening, Anne and I went shopping for a bit while Ben and Matt played video games. It was a great end to the trip. We were up early and out saying good-bye to Nashville! 

Thanks Ben and Anne for an incredible weekend! 

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  1. You guys are my donut finding heroes! I seriously just want to stow away in your suitcase and eat donuts with you!