Monday, October 2, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 39}

Another week has passed and it was not without sickness! Surely next week we will ALL be well and STAY well! 

Sunday morning started with me waking up with awful eye pain feeling like something was in my eye. It was bizarre. 


I ended up staying home from church because it was so irritated. I truly thought it was a corneal abrasion but it was completely better after using drops and a good night of sleep. So I'm not sure! 

Anyway, I helped get the boys dressed and they went on to church. Well, after a little wrestling. 

Sunday night, Mason had AWANA and Matt, Maddox and I ate dinner at home while he was there. 

Monday morning came with a healed eye for me which was NICE and it also was our day that our neighbor brings HOT Krispy Kreme. It was such a treat as always. Boys love them so much! 


After plenty of sugar, we went to the park to burn it all off. :) 


Mason did the monkey bars for the first time with help. He was proud and so was I! 

We ran to the post office and miraculously there was no line. I was praising the Lord for sure!! 
When Maddox woke up from nap, he was looking all over for his Daddy. It was so sweet! 


Tuesday came and we were all up and at em for MOPS. I had a headache which is very out of the ordinary for me but we pushed through. Again, not interested in pictures. 

During MOPS, my headache worsened and by the time we got into the car I was hurting everywhere and my skin was tender to touch. It was bizarre. I had to call Matt to come home and take care of me and the boys. Thankfully, he did. I was in bed most of the day. We thought it was a migraine but turned out to be a fever virus or something. 

Matt took the boys to the mall and then to  CiCi's for dinner since we had a free buffet on the app and Maddox wasn't interested in his usual favorite. 


Wednesday, I was still not well. Matt went in for a few hours and then came home to get Mason to speech. That afternoon, they headed to story time and the policeman was there. Mason's Day = Made! 

Unfortunately, shortly after the library, Matt got sick. It was awful and that put him home on Thursday, too. This week, well, it was bonkers. 

Thankfully, by Thursday, I was mostly better. Still exhausted, but able to function unlike Tuesday and Wednesday. 

It was a big day! Mason finally got the button buttoned on his pants by himself. Nevermind that they are not UP and buttoned. ;-) He also made his bed for the first time. I was crazy impressed!! 

That night, Matt was starting to feel better and he sent me out with a gift card we'd received and told me to go to dinner ALONE. I love him. 

After I ate, I ran in Old Navy and couldn't pass up these 97 cent hats! These pictures are titled: Momma Tried. ;-)

Friday was a fun day that I will blog about separately later this week. 

Saturday, Matt had to work some to make up for the crazy week so the boys and I went to breakfast. I do not love these pictures of myself but I want to remember the memories and I love that smile on Mason's face! 😍

After we went by Home Depot to see Matt and just roam around a bit.  

We all got home about mid-morning and then headed out to Aldi to get some groceries for Matt for the week. When we pulled up, we took the car seats out to clean and Mason heard sirens. Everyone went to check out the fire truck! We love that Mason loves sirens but we also are trying to be diligent to discuss emergencies, etc. It's a balance for sure!  

It was a good week despite the sickness, again, it's all about balance it seems! 

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