Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Maddox {20ish Months}

Well, I had every intention of writing an 18 month post about Maddox. Yeah, that would have been in December and that didn't happen. So here were are and he's almost 21 months old and I'm doing it. haha! 

These last few months have been so much fun! Maddox is learning so much, saying so many words, and is into everything!!! 

You can see in these first few pictures that he has a scraped up eye. Yeah, he fell down the steps.😑

Then, his eye cleared up and Matt was able to get outside with him during a beautiful day to snap a few more shots. 
Well, first he got some inside. Man, I love this blue-eyed boy! 

Maddox is very quick to let you know how he feels about something with a scream. If he gets hurt, he runs immediately to Mom or Dad for comfort. He has gotten a little tougher recently when he and Mason have a tiff. 

Speaking of Mason, they fight as much as they get along but their times together have gotten so much sweeter in the last few months. The other day, Mason left for several hours with a friend and Maddox cried off and on the whole time. He loves his brother. 

Maddox continues to be a great sleeper. He naps 2-3 hours each afternoon and sleeps 7p-7a each night. He loves his buds and his thumb. 


Maddox is a pretty good eater and likes most things that we give him. He is quick to let us know if he'd prefer not to eat it. Unfortunately, that, at times, involves tossing it on the floor. Yeah, not my favorite. 


Look at those eyes!

Maddox loves going to church, MOPS, AWANA and storytime as well as anything else we do. He loves to check people out, wave hi/bye and play with others. 

Maddox loves playing outside and has been known to eat dirt when allowed. Or heck, who am I kidding, even when we don't want him to. 😂

We have enjoyed the last 20+ months with this little guy! He's the best! 

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