Friday, February 2, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {7}

I think I'm going to try scheduling these children's book posts monthly and see how that goes. :) 

Our first book is With Love, From Me To You.

I wrote a whole review on this book here but the gist is just a great children's book sharing about tangible ways we can love those around us and also incorporating the love that God has placed within us. I loved it and so did my boys! 

We have just discovered the world and Paddington Bear and these books are super fun and engaging for Mason especially! 

After visiting Pawhuska, these books by Ree Drummond are even more fun for us. They are mostly animal-based with Charlie as the main character. He talks about chores on the farm, different activities, etc. Just a cute series of books. 

These little stories are just cute! Mr. Putter is just a cute old man and his cat Tabby is his little sidekick. He also has a neighbor and she's included in the story lines.There is a little bit of mischief on Tabby's part and the stories are just a laugh a minute!

This book and others by Claire Freedman are great for kids because every kid thinks underpants are hilarious! This book is a follow up to Dinosaurs love Underpants (seen below). They are both rhyming books which is an even bigger draw for my boys! 

Thelma The Unicorn is a book about a pony who wants to be a unicorn. In a few random events, she becomes one and she learns in the end that it is just better to be yourself. Great lesson teaching book!

Skippyjon Jones books are about a siamese cat who things he is a chihuahua. Adventures abound. The stories are hilarious and Mason asks to read them over and over.

Clark The Shark is about a rough-around-the-edges shark who is learning how to behave in certain situations via brief rhyming phrases that he's putting to memory. Clark is in school and learning how to behave there, how to treat friends, etc. I especially love these!

We have the other two related books on hold at the library because after reading these, we just can't wait to read the others! This STEM based book, is about a young black girl who is incredibly curious. She isn't afraid to fail and the book displays how she is trying to solve problems, etc. I especially loved this one!

Pure silliness in this one which we re-read often. Dinosaurs and pirates? What's not to love!?!

This was a simple book written from a parent's perspective basically wishing the best for their child. Most positive than negative. More love than hate, etc. Short and sweet. 

We love the series of bear books and this one was no different. Bear has good friends and this particular story they are all giving to him and he feels like he has nothing to offer. He's saying thanks to them and in the end, they help him realize how much he had to offer!

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