Monday, September 3, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 34}

Two weeks ago, I had my first haircut in over a year. 😳


And after: 

I came home and got some goooooood snuggles!! 

That afternoon, we headed to Aldi. While I bagged groceries, the boys ate...something orange if you couldn't tell. 😂

Playtime with the boys. GiGi is the best! While she played, Mason and I did some school. 

Watching something on the iPad during snack with GiGi. 

Tuesday morning, we got up first thing and headed to Airport Park. We were there for two hours!! It was a perfect day for the park! 



GiGi let Mason spin her and I laughed so hard!! 



Love them. 

Handymen watching the neighbor's yard man working. :) 


Wednesday morning, we got up again and headed to another park. This time it was Cleveland Park. It was WET but that didn't stop us!! 

The tire swing was a favorite of the morning! 


We also saw a Momma duck with her babies. 

After the park, we headed to CFA for story time and GiGi treated us to brunch. :) 

These are the Morgan boys stealing GiGi's drink. 

That night, we went out to eat again! hahah!! She treated us to Cook-Out after the library since Matt went to church. Once again, no one wanted to sit by me. Everyone needed GiGi! 

Sharing ice cream...

Well, she tried...They took over. 


That night I got some snuggles. 

GiGi gave Mason snuggles while he chilled watching a show. Doesn't he look relaxed!?! 

We were watching KidSpring videos. ;) 

Allll of the love for GiGi! 

The next day, Mason asked GiGi to play dinosaurs. She is the best!! 

Hahaha!! Matt took the boys to the park and Maddox would not pick himself up when he fell. 

That evening, Matt mowed and we all sat and watched him. So helpful, right? 

Love them...Mason and I went to visit friends and Matt got some snuggles. 

Such a big kid! 

Relaxing to the fullest while he gets help with his shoes. 

More sharing from GiGi!! 

Friday night, we called and audible and headed to Broncos for dinner. Can't tell if Maddox liked the cheese dip!?! 



Saturday, Mom and I went consignment sale shopping and Matt took the boys to Hatcher to explore. We left some books for the little library, too! 

We brought some playdoh toys and Maddox was happy playing with them without playdoh. woohoo! 

Checking out the books, too! 

Nap time snuggles. 

Saturday afternoon, I took Matt on a quick date to a new coffee top in town, Spill The Beans. 

He got a Chai Latte and I got a Strawberry Italian Cream Soda and it was good! 

After that, we picked up everyone else and headed to get Mason a new bike!! GiGi wanted to give Mason a bike for his birthday but she won't be back here until Christmas so we went early! 
Maddox needed to try it out, too! 

Go Mason!! 

Maddox did get a new helmet. Isn't it cute!?! He did not get that bike. 😂




GiGi is the best!!! 

After a long time riding on the driveway, we headed back in for dinner. After that, Mason and GiGi played some games. 

That night, Matt had a game night online with his brother and I went for a girls' night with friends. GiGi stayed home and watched the Saints. :) 

Sunday we went to church and then GiGi, Maddox and I hung out at home while Matt took Mason to the children's museum in Greenville! 

Maddox apparently thought it was a good time to floss his teeth. :) 


We also played some iPad games together. :) 

He was PUMPED about pictures with me! 😂

Children's museum fun. Not many pictures because Mason asked Matt not to take many. :) 

It was a GOOD week with GiGi here!! 

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