Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 38}

Last week, we hit the ground running and it was a full week for us! 
Monday, Matt took Mason to speech and Maddox and I read his favorite book. This guy loves all things machinery! 

He also assisted me with my breakfast. :) 

Before Daddy left for work, he had some loving. :) 

The boys had been asking to go to the mall for a while and Monday was a good day for it. We strolled around stores smelling candles and such and played in the play area for a while. Mason was my big helper. 


That afternoon, we went to the library just to read and play and there was an event so we checked it out. The boys got to read to Rohan the therapy dog. It was so precious. 


That night, we ended up at Cook-Out because why not?!? Maddox and I were sharing a tray. Well, we were trying. 😂

Yep, it was good! 

The next day we hit up Home Depot and Maddox couldn't decide if he liked the Halloween stuff or not. 😂

While I worked, Matt took the boys to Hatcher Garden and they had a blast! Mason even found some snails and held them. 

The next day, they were so happy sharing toys together and laughing for a long time! 

We headed to MOPS together! 

When we got home, Mason built a train and we all got to ride on it and even drive it some, too! 

At dinner, Maddox helped himself to putting jelly in his hair so I washed it. Well, not all of it, just the part that was dirty. 😂

Thursday morning, the boys had dentist appointments and it was the first time in nearly 4 years that no one cried or threw up. I was pretty pumped!! I over documented but in the end I was so glad I had taken so many pictures because they did so well! 









That afternoon, I headed to work and Matt got the unexpected treat of a few minutes of a nap! It was definitely short-lived. 

Since the boys had done so well at the dentist and it was free queso day at Moe's that was snack! Matt said that he and Mason could hardly keep up! 

They took a trip to Wal-Mart and this was happening. Unreal...

After I worked, Matt sent me for free queso, too! 

Friday morning, we headed to Aldi and couldn't pass up the $1.79 pumpkins! 

That evening, Matt and I had a quick date night in. He was surprised because I ended up using some of my birthday money to treat us. :) 

It was sooo yummy! Thanks, The Clock! 

Love this one...

And this one, too, even though he would take a picture with me. 

That evening, Matt's mom came into town and is staying at Matt's grandparents and we were all supposed to have dinner together. The boys were a bit snotty so I stayed home with the boys while everyone else was together. We FaceTimed for cake and singing Happy Birthday! 

Maddox and I did a puzzle for a while and he worked hard! 

That night, they had a late snack and Maddox was feeding his elephant. 

Grandmom made the boys some precious turtles and I grabbed pictures of them when they headed to bed. 😍

Sunday, I woke up with a horrible neck muscle spasm going on so we were home all day. We snuggled up in bed and played iPad games, watched shows/movies etc. It was just what we all needed. 

We were a bit stir crazy by the end of the day but these boys knew we all needed rest. 

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  1. That dog is beautiful!! And you should come with me to the dentist. I can't promise not to cry, but I need a documenter! :)