Monday, November 11, 2019

International Fest {October 2019 }

International Fest is one of our favorite events of every year. This year was NO exception and dare I say, it was the best one ever. 

Ready to go enjoy the day! 

Some sillies first. 

This year's host culture was Puerto Rico. 
There was so much fun to be had between food,  music and more. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. 





Matt had been wanting Penguinos Hermanos and it was delicious! 

Pulling his own weight. 😉

Bubble Tea was my one request for the day! 

It was a bit drizzly and we were glad we brought the picnic blanket to sit on/cover up with. 


After the parade of nations, we walked around seeing all of the countries and getting the boys' passports stamped! 

More food after that! 

Then some play time/craft time for the boys. 


More performances. The boys LOVED this one in particular. 

It made Matt and I both tear up. 


More playing. 

Yep, more food. 


After 7 hours at the fest, we headed to the cultural center to check out this incredibly large inflatable globe. It was so cool! 

Our tradition (well, this was the second year 😂) has been to leave the fest and go find incredibly American food at Papa's Breakfast Nook. Neither Matt nor I were hungry so the boys split a pancake. 😊



By the end of the day, we had eaten Penguinos Hermanos, Cambodian bubble tea, Hmong sausage, empanadas, Nigerian coconut rice, Puerto Rican plantain and tres leches, Hmong fried rice, egg rolls, seasame balls and Cambodian salpicon. It was a GOOD day! 

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