Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Weeks 38 & 39}

#Rambo 😂

We re-arranged our living room recently and the boys are loving it! 

Snuggle bug...

Legos are this guy's jam right now! 

His one-on-one time included Legos, too. 

Yep, more Legos.

The book nook is a great place for resting. 

We try to have fun with our learning during school time, too! 

We were coloring and Maddox needed a yellow which Mason was using. No problem. He made his own. ❤️

We found a brand new Curious George movie so Matt held it up while the boys brushed their teeth. 😂😂😂


Goodness, we have some good days. I try to cling to them because there are some hards ones, too! 

While Mason was at co-op, I had a grocery helper. He didn't even run over my heels. 😉

We had a small group dinner one Friday night and it ended with ice cream. Always a good idea. 

These guys had a morning at the zoo when I was working. They all said it was the perfect day for the zoo! 




 After working, I got to spend a morning with these girls and it was a blast! 



Football time. 

Maddox got his AWANA Cubbies vest! ❤️

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