Sunday, November 10, 2019

Mason Says & Does {40}

"For my birthday, do I have to do school work?"

This involves both boys but I'll put it here. I beat the guys home from somewhere one day so I did the victory dance that we usually do. They got out of the car saying "We are all winners in God's eyes." and dancing. 😂😂

At story time one day, they were talking about whales and Mason matter of factly said, "Yeah, they eat krill."

Mason told me he wanted to name his son, "Ketchup."

"Please move the sun because I'm right in it," I asked him how to do that. He said, "Ask God!"

Matt took the boys to the zoo and all of the giraffes were moving around and it was a great trip. While stopped at the giraffes, Mason said " Do you see his p*nis? It's big, too!" 🙈

Mason found four pieces of goat food on the ground at the zoo and without hesitation, he gave 2 to Maddox. ❤️😭

We were watching the Vikings versus Eagles. Mason said he was cheering for the Vikings. "The Vikings are the best team right now!"

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