Friday, November 8, 2019

Road Trip {September 2019} {Part 5}

Maddox was pretty excited about the Tennessee State Museum. 

When we walked in, the first stop was the children's area. It was AMAZING!!! 


We played and played. Blocks, scavengers hunts, more blocks. Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben are so hands-on. We love them so much! 




We also got to participate in a story time. We were the only ones there so that was a treat! The story time leader had gone to college at Converse. Small world. 

After the story, which was about pirates, we got to make pirate hats! 


After that section, we headed to see the rest of the museum. There were some really cool exhibits including one about history of food, music history and some general history exhibits. We honestly loved it all and could have stayed for hours more! 





Maddox was a bit antsy toward the end so he and I walked outside for a bit. 

After we finished at the museum, we headed back to the Farmer's Market to eat lunch and we finally got to try Jeni's ice cream! 

Oh the sweetness...

We had barely pulled out of the market when Maddox fell asleep. 

This guy was such a trooper. Worn out but kept on going strong! 

When we got back to the apartment, Maddox stayed asleep so he and I got a nap together! ❤️❤️❤️ I couldn't stop snapping pictures. 


Rest for these two as well. 

My turn for snuggles with Mason! 

Cake decoration time! 


That evening we enjoyed a walk outside, yummy dinner and some relaxation all together. 



Sleepy boys...

Sunday morning, we had a quick breakfast and took some pictures before we said good-bye! 

Bye Nashville. See you soon! 

SO grateful for good car riders. 

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