Friday, May 22, 2020

An Urgent Care Visit!

Well, last Friday, Maddox was putting a toy shovel away before dinner and he slipped/tripped and hit himself in the head causing a huge gash. It bled and bled. 


I called a friend who is a nurse and she originally recommended butterfly bandages or steri-strips but then touched base with a friend who is a pediatrician and she said to take him to urgent care. 



I thought he'd need stitches but the cut was clean on the edges and the doctor was able to get it back together easily. 

He was so brave the whole time and never once fussed. He was GLAD to get that popsicle though! 

I sent Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben an update they said to give him hugs from them. I told him and he asked how we would do that and then they sent hugs for Maddox. ❤️

When we got home, Mason was watching a show and Maddox hopped up and joined him.


The next morning started slowly and Maddox needed lots of snuggles. 

Looking good though! 

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