Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mason Says and Does {43}

Mason's front tooth is very loose (as of May 1st) and its got a little gap and that's the first gap he's ever had. It looks so weird!

One day the tornado sirens started out of the clear blue. Mason: "I think the thing that turns the sirens on got bumped on accident." Thankfully, he was right!

"What's an elephant with goggles? A gogglephant!"

When we celebrated Mason turning 6.5 and finishing Kindergarten, we asked him what else he'd like to do to celebrate. "Help our community by picking up trash." 😭😭😭 We 100% did just that! While we were out, he said, "I'm so glad I have you guys." ❤️❤️

One morning while outside playing, Mason got his little jet stuck in the tree. He got the red shovel end to try to get it out like he'd seen Matt do the day before. He never complained and he kept on working until he got it! 🦾

One afternoon, I took a little cat nap. Mason said "Daddy would have liked this day since he'd get to nap!" (Matt was working.) 

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