Friday, May 29, 2020

Maddox Says and Does {24}

When trying to take a picture one day while playing, Maddox would NOT smile. "This is how pictures go." Well, okay then.

Morning conversation with Maddox: "Mason works for Skittles. I work for a company making fuel and my bosses make fuel pumps." He made a face while talking and I asked him about it. "That's the face my boss makes when I'm taking a break with them." 😂

When playing outside..."don't blow bubbles on our construction site. Give us our peace please."

I asked Maddox if he finished his water..."Of course, I did!"

On one of our family walks, we passed a house with a HUGE tree stump. Maddox said "They can't breathe because they cut down their tree." 😍

During quarantine one day, Maddox said' Can we go to Grandmom and Granddad's and eat dinner and roast marshmallows? We can sit outside and stand six feet apart." 😭

One day for lunch, I randomly had two green plates to pull out and I thought to myself "Awesome no arguing over plate color." Set the plates down on the table and Maddox said, "I wanted the top green plate not the bottom one." 😑😑😑

Maddox said he needed something soft to land on. I told him he could land on me. He said, "But you're not soft. You're squishy." 😂 

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