Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Kindergarten is DONE!

On April 27th, Mason finished Kindergarten!! 🎉🎉 
He rocked this year, too. 
He finished two levels handwriting and language arts and the Alpha Math-U-See book. 


So So proud! 

On May 1st, we celebrated his completion as well as his half birthday. He is officially 6 1/2! 
Just a little set-up. 

Maddox snuck out to see the surprise decorations and he was so excited for his brother! 

We started out with a "cap and gown" and ditched it shortly. It just didn't work. 
But that SMILE! He was excited! 

We had a quick little "ceremony" where I just ran through some of the things he accomplished this school year. It was special. 

Maddox made "cakes" for everyone. 

We had a rough few minutes when we realized that the food Mason requested what not in fact what we had made. He was super upset and showed out a bit. Once we had a few tears and got back on the same page, we were good to go! Egg rolls, homemade salsa and no bake cheesecake were prepared. (He said when he said salsa, he meant queso. Oops.)




Maddox enjoyed it as well! 

When we asked Mason what else he wanted to do, he said "Help our community and pick up trash." So we did JUST that! 




In about 30 minutes, we walked 3 blocks and picked up a TON of trash. It was pretty special. 

After that family fun, we decided actual queso was in order and we grabbed some to-go. 

It was a good day celebrating our boy! 

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  1. Great job with finishing Kindergarten! So proud! And what a fun party!