Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas 2016 {A Little More}

I recapped with Matt's camera pictures yesterday. Here are the few I Took with my phone and a bit more recap of Christmas. 

First things first. When we got up, we all snuggled on the couch and read the Christmas story together. 

My guys love to snuggle up together. 

Next up, we all made smoothies together. YUM! 

The boys opened their tool table and played for a while. 

Little cutie. 

After Maddox laid down for nap, I prepped the rest of brunch which included this incredible breakfast casserole...

We lit candles on cinnamon rolls and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. And ate until we couldn't eat anymore! 

YUM!! If you like cinnamon rolls, try these. Grands flaky cinnamon rolls. A friend recommended them to us and we couldn't have loved them more. 

We didn't like the casserole at all. ;-)

After breakfast, we ended up opening presents slowly over the course of two hours and it was delightful. 

I love these folks so much! We don't take for granted that we got to have these two with us on Christmas Day. 

Just two brothers watching Octonauts after nap time. 

Grandmom painted this for Maddox as his gift. Mason has a painting that is just for him and we have one for our angel baby, too. Grandmom painted this one and gifted it to Maddox. On the back she wrote, "Your guardian angel is not a wimp!" Love it so. 

One of the boys' gifts in their stockings were these popsicle holders that I had Matt's mom make. Of course that meant we needed a popsicle on Christmas! 

Happy baby boy! 

Perfect boxes from their trucks were recycled to make robot heads! 

Our favorite tradition of Christmas is snack foods in the afternoon. We had a delicious spread! 

We finished the day with just relaxation. It was an excellent day!

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