Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve was incredible this year and it was mostly because it fell on a Saturday!! I worked a few hours that morning but we had the rest of the day together. While I worked, shenanigans happened at the Morgan household. 

Yogurt face! 

As always, Maddox was unimpressed. ;-)

I got home about mid-morning and we all got dressed for lunch out. We don't really have many Christmas Eve traditions because Matt typically works so this was a treat. 

Our crew...y'all I have to share all of the pictures because I LOVE how each boy's face changes with each picture. I cannot stop laughing! 

We went to Sugar and Spice for lunch and we each had burgers. Well, except for Maddox. He had oatmeal and green beans. :) 

Too busy eating to stop for a picture...

My littlest love and me. 

Onion ring bracelets are awesome! 

The rest of the day was low-key. We got the boys in PJs and I let them all open a present. I had purchased a popcorn maker for our family and I surprised them with it on Christmas Eve. So of course that meant popcorn and a movie! 

I also prepped this breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. Soooo good! 

We finished the night with a few Christmas books. 

After we got the boys in bed, Matt and I were exhausted BUT we stayed up to open our presents together. 

Bath items! 

Underwear! HAHA! 

New belts

A new book to read with my boys

I got this Where's Waldo? book on a whim when I saw it on sale at Target and it has been so much fun!!! 

An iTunes gift card so he could buy games. 

Best part of Christmas gift opening...Matt's gift tags

SOCKS! It has become a joke that I cannot stop buying socks for Matt. I find them on clearance and it just happens. These particular socks are father/son socks. One pair for Matt and one for each boy. 


My favorite gift...a canvas print of the boys. 

Hahaha! Silly guy

A fun update caricature of Matt and the boys...

And Matt's favorite gift...some fun little Flyers' hockey play figurines. 

And my next favorite gift...a book light!!! Matt has been going to bed earlier now that he gets up for work much earlier. I still want to read but I don't want to leave the main lamp on. This book light has solved all of my reading problems. :) 

It was a good Christmas Eve! 


  1. Mine's a little different style, but I got a book light too! We can be twinsies! :)

    1. yay! I love it so much! I am ready to dive into some good books now! :)