Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Things I'm Loving {Or Just liking}

Full disclosure before this post even gets going...A few of the items I'm talking about below are items I received to review. As always, I share my full and honest opinion of items that I receive! 

First up, I received a voucher from Influenster to try these BabiesRUs diapers. In the past, we have mainly used Target brand diapers or LUVS and been pleased with them. This was a step outside of our comfort zone but we went for it! I really liked the fit of these diapers for Maddox. They kept him dry and no blow-outs happened while he was wearing them. 

While I really liked them, around the same time as we were trying them out, Maddox developed a diaper rash. Eventually, we discovered that it was from using a certain brand of wipes coupled with a lengthy antibiotic course BUT we decided to stick with our Target diapers and new sensitive wipes for now. 

I do think that I would like to try these diapers again in the future though. The price was good and comparable to other brands (maybe even slightly less than some.) 

I was a bad reviewer and didn't get a pic of Maddox in just his diaper but I had a good excuse in his sickness, awful rash, etc. BUT I promise, he was wearing one underneath. They obviously made him happy! 


Next up is People magazine! I used to enjoy reading People magazine when I would see them at doctor's offices, friend's houses, etc. but I haven't read it in years. Well, through recylebank.com I earned enough points for a half-year subscription and I jumped on it! I'm enjoying so far. People has just enough celebrity news for me coupled with some other fun things like book suggestions, etc. I am really glad I ordered! You should check out recycle bank if you haven't already. You can take small quizzes, read articles, watch videos and earn points for free/discounted things, mostly magazines!


Another love: foot rubs! Matt and I used to rub each other's feet nightly and have just gotten out of the habit in the last few months. This past week or so, Matt started rubbing my feet (I have to catch up on rubbing his!) and I love it so! 


Next up: Another fun item I got to review from Influenster. Loreal Extraordinary Clay products. I received the shampoo, conditioner and clay mask pre-shampoo treatment. 
I have now tried all of the products several times and here are my thoughts: 

Shampoo: The shampoo is probably my favorite product of the three. It gets my hair clean 9/10 times. I still have some issues with build-up but this is a long-standing problem and no matter how hard I've searched I still haven't found something I really like that gets rid of it. So, I just deal. 

Conditioner: The conditioner is okay to me and this is pretty much how I feel about all conditioners. I'm just not a conditioner girl. 

Clay mask: I really enjoyed this product, too. It's fun, for one. Who doesn't enjoy a mask on their face every now and then? Well, this is just like that but for our hair. The only issue I've had with this mask is that sometimes it feels like it doesn't help but I am not sure if it's because I'm overusing or underusing. I would say it's helped me about 70% of the time and the other times, I've felt like it didn't really help. But like I said, I've got finicky hair so maybe it's just me! 

All in all, I like these products! 


Another thing I'm loving, Family dance parties. They are the best. Sometimes, it's just a quick song before bed and other times it's full on with glow sticks, lights out and music blaring. It's fun all together!


Loving: more whole foods. We are certainly not dieting but rather trying to be more mindful of what we consume and it's been good. It's not a resolution because we all know those can be awful to keep up but just something we are focusing on as a family.


One (well, really two) last thing to share today and that's these cool office supplies that Shoplet sent me to check out! These specific items are from House of Doolittle. First is this doodle notes notebook. I loved this notebook at first sight! It's solidly made and just so pretty. 

The inside has lined note pages as well as a few coloring pages in the back. I plan to use this for my day to day note taking and list making but I think this would be perfect for those who take notes in church, during meetings or while reading (as well as many other options.) With the coloring options bordering each page and in the back, you'd never be bored! 


Shoplet also sent me this meeting planner to check out. I'll be honest, I won't need to use this in my day to day life but I plan to pass along to a friend who can because this notebook is great! Again, well made (from recycled material...yay!) But also super functional. 


Each page looks like this and it is perfect for those work day meetings or for leaders of clubs/groups etc. I think the best part about this is having all meeting notes in one place to look back on. The calendar at the bottom is great for quick reference during meetings, too. 

I've already started making lists in my doodle notebook! Thanks, Shoplet.
**Shoplet sells cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, etc. as well. Check them out!

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  1. I haven't heard of recycle bank.com, I might have to check it out! And that clay mask looks so interesting!